10 Reasons You Should Incorporate Cryotherapy into Your Salon

10 Reasons You Should Incorporate Cryotherapy into Your Salon


Forget skiing, snowmen and slushies – this is our favourite new way to utilise the cold.

Cryotherapy – it’s not as scary as it sounds. Cryotherapy utilises an extremely cold solution to freeze and remove unsightly skin lesions. Using the right device such as the Dermapen Cryo TM, with high precision applicator tips, ensures that only the lesion is being treated. Such innovative technology is used to destroy benign lesions, empowering you to carve out a specific, and important, niche in the aesthetic industry.

So, what is Cryotherapy and how does it work?

We’ve compiled 10 reasons you should consider adding, what we’ve dubbed, ‘Mr Freeze’ into your salon.

1. Versatile
Dermapen Cryo TM targets and removes warts, skin tags, sun spots and age spots. The device penetrates up to one millimetre per five seconds of application, which means it can treat extremely superficial sunspots, or lesions up to 5 millimetres in depth and 10 millimetres in diameter. The key to its effectiveness is the two applicator tips which include various flow rates, to treat lesions of different sizes.

2. Quick
No matter the size of the lesion, it will be removed effectively in mere seconds. Clients rarely need a second treatment for a touch up.

3. Efficient
The small, portable, pen-like device uses a precise jet of highly compressed liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O) to destroy benign lesions. The device freezes the lesion’s inter-cellular fluid, forming ice crystals, which subsequently rupture the cell membrane, destroying the cell. Genius!

4. Precisely targeted
The Dermapen Cryo TM , using high precision applicator tips, targets only the lesion being treated, and not the healthy tissue surrounding it. This greatly reduces the risk of post-treatment hypo-pigmentation and enhances its safety.

5. All over use
This innovative device’s high precision delivery for targeting lesions enables it to be used for all areas of the face, body, even near the eyes.

6. Easy to use
The device works with a simple, one-button operation and utilises small, single use and inexpensive N2O cartridges, which are easily loaded into the device.

7. Light and Portable
There’ll be no aching or uncomfortable arms with the Dermapen Cryo TM, pen-like tool remaining light and portable.

8. No maintenance
Dermapen Cryo TM does not need to make contact with the skin to be effective, so there will be no messy buds, cones or apertures. There’s no preparation needed to use the device and no need to refill canisters, meaning this tool is easily ready to use at any time.

9. Cold but not too cold
Providing ultra-cold through liquefied nitrous oxide N20 (-89 degrees Celsius) and high pressure delivery (725 psi), the Dermapen Cryo TM , gives your salon a competitive advantage. While liquefied nitrous oxide and liquid nitrogen are both cryogenic liquids, they differ in their molecular composition, and for this reason liquefied nitrous oxide N2O is not as cold, therefore presenting a lesser risk for hypo-pigmentation.

10. Unique
This inimitable service will set your salon apart, instantly helping your clients to eliminate unnecessary lesions and giving your salon an effective and marketable point of difference. See what we mean? So much better than a slushie.

To find out more about incorporating Cyrotherapy into your salon visit dermapenworld.com

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