Why Should Your Clinic Offer Skincare with Hylafuse TM Complex?

Why Should Your Clinic Offer Skincare with Hylafuse TM Complex?


This breakthrough complex is giving ‘acid’ a good name.

‘Acid’ isn’t usually a word clients like to hear when purchasing their skincare products, but, surprisingly enough, Hyaluronic Acid is a skincare essential. There are new and innovative technologies utilising hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient in their product formulations.

Take Equipmed’s DP Dermaceuticals skincare range as an example. The DP Dermaceuticals range incorporates hyaluronic acid, in its most effective form, as a base component of its product formulations. This breakthrough, known as HylaFuse TM Complex includes three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid – equating to triple the effect, with unrivalled results.

The Hylafuse TM Complex acts like a ‘second skin’, hydrating the skin’s surface layer and maintaining the movement of water, biologically active ingredients and water-soluble molecules towards the skin’s deeper layers. Hylafuse TM Complex boasts a different treatment of hyaluronic acid, than other products on the market using the same ingredient, due to its unique content, design and hydrating properties.

The success of Hylafuse TM Complex is supported by the three different weights of hyaluronic acid molecules, combined with power peptides to hold up to 100 times its own weight in water. This provides unusually long-lasting and more penetrating hydration, as each different sized molecule delivers water more deeply into the skin. An added benefit of this product, is that it also enhances the effectiveness and performance of other biologically active ingredients deeper into the skin layers.

DP Dermaceuticals consists of six distinct products, HylaActive TM, Micro Derm TM Exfoliant, Antioxidant Cocktail TM , Brite Lite TM , Vitamin Rich Repair TM and Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask TM. All products in the range, work effectively as stand-alone retail and clinic service products, but also produce powerful results when used in conjunction with Dermapen’s skin needling technology.

For example, HylaActive TM serum is the ideal partner for Dermapen treatments, allowing the device to glide smoothly over the skin, while delivering hydration and nourishment deeper into the skin’s layers. Micro Derm TM Exfoliant prepares the skin, and Vitamin Rich Repair TM is specifically formulated to promote intensive repair and structure.

In addition, Brite Lite TM , addresses skin imperfections such as pigmentation and discoloration, whilst Antioxidant Cocktail TM fights the signs of ageing, by guarding the skin against free radical damage and accelerating skin renewal. The Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask TM delivers potent hydration and healing repair to support the skin’s recovery. Meticulously designed with HylaFuse TM Complex, multivitamins, potent antioxidants, organically sourced botanicals, and more, the range really can do it all.

Touted as a pre and post-operative secret weapon, DP Dermaceuticals boosts treatment outcomes, as well as delivering outstanding results for your client’s skin at all times, the HylaFuse Complex ensures that, in the range’s optimal task of promoting skin regeneration and repair, it succeeds.

Here’s to science!

For more information visit dermapenworld.com

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